What to do with a dryer that just won't dry


Dear Hardware Guys,

I've got a relatively new clothes dryer (a few years old), but it just doesn't seem as effective as it used to be.

I've tried cleaning lint out of every pore possible, but what used to take 60 minutes to dry now takes 75-80 minutes. Any suggestions?


Wrinkled in Royal Oak


Dear Wrinkled,

Other than checking for lint blockages, which you have already done. You might want to make sure that the venting pipe leading from the back of the dryer doesn't have a kink in it or is flattened out.

Another thing you should check is the flapper of the vent on the outside of your house. Sometimes lint can stick to the sides and keep the flapper(s) from opening all the way.

Other than these quick and easy fixes, the internal thermostat that senses the temperature inside the dryer might be faulty. This would require you calling in a service technician.

Hope this helps you out.

The Hardware Guys