Lawn and Garden

New handy tools to make garden chores easier

It's that time again when the outdoor beckons -- and then the back starts aching!

Yes, working in the yard is good exercise and can be a good break for your mind as well. But you don' t have to pay a physical price for your efforts. Frentz and Sons Hardware can help. They've got a number of new tools that can help with outdoor chores as well as some just plain interesting new items in store.

EZ Reacher
"This is good for older men and women with arthritis who need help reaching or picking things up," says Mike Frentz. You can safely pick up anything you don't want to handle or just can't reach. The EZ Reacher comes in many lengths and the rubber suction cups at the end of the tool holds objects tightly. "As the ad says, it can pick up anything as small as a dime or as heavy as a brick," Mike says.

Fiskar's Kneeling Cushion
These kneeling cushions are made of a dense foam that will not only protect your knees from moisture, but help soften hard or rough surfaces. "Most people use them for garden work," Mike says, "but they're also good for washing floors." The cushions come in two sizes-- 7" x 15" and 10" x 18".

Ames Clear Cut Pruners
A pruner is a pruner is a pruner, right? Not so fast! These two new pruners from Ames are designed with long life poly handles with steel shanks for added strength and the cushioned top grip on the handle provides added comfort and reduces hand fatigue when you're trimming branches and stems. Use the Anvil Pruner to cut decaying branches and stems and the Bypass Pruner to cut growing flowers and branches. And an added benefit -- both come with a stem crusher and thorn remover are built into the handle.

Lastly, Frentz and Sons Hardware is carrying the OmniGlow Emergency Light Sticks in six different colors. "We sell a lot of these at Halloween, but they're really useful because they're non-flammable, non-toxic and you can store them indefinitely. You don't even need batteries," Mike says. The color of the stick determines the length of time it will burn. Orange, red, yellow and green sticks glow for 12 hours while the blue and white sticks glow for 8 hours.