Hardware Store Style?

You bet your toolbelt!

Everyone knows that Frentz & Sons Hardware has every tool, every screw, every bolt or any other plastic thingamajig that you can imagine. If you need it for a home repair or renovation project, chances are they've got it. And that applies to interior decor as well.

Interior decor? you ask. Well, don't wrinkle your nose at the idea. Instead, open up your mind, and get creative with us as we explore uncommon ways to use everyday items to add some style to your rooms.

Home office
Looks like your average home office space right? This former 5'x7' nook off a kitchen served as a pantry and mud room until it was converted to a home office -- with some the help of some off-the-shelf items you'll find at Frent & Sons Hardware.

Make the switch
It's the little details that can make a room and changing your light switch plate is just one of those details that offers inexpensive style. Here's just a sampling of the more than 40 different types of switch plates Frentz carries.

This two-toggle plate from Creative Accents is features polished genuine marble in a green hue.

Also from Creative Accents, this wall plate has a textured rust finish that give the feel of leather.

For the light-hearted among us, try this "I Love Lucy" wall plate for a humorous touch.

Lighten up
If you're one of those who likes a little whimsy and surprise, try making your own lamp as we did here using these lamp adapters.

Medium cork adapter
Chianti bottle - you're on your own!
Brass fruit jar adapter
Qt.-size canning jar
Lamp shade
We filled our jar with nuts and bolts (what else?), but you can add anything that interest you such as sea shells, marbles, etc.