Holiday Magic

The Hardware Guys spruce things up a bit

Start with the silver
Look at the silver your mother gave you. You see the rudimentary tools of tarnish.

“If it’s real, something that old is bound to be tarnished. It’s a matter of degree,” says Mike Frentz. “And if it’s tarnished really badly, I wouldn’t waste my time. I’d go straight for the Never-Dull®.”

Never-Dull® is cotton embedded with a cleaning fluid. “You rub it on the silver. The cotton acts as the abrasive, the chemical takes off the tarnish. I don’t care how tarnished it is, Never-Dull will fix it. Leave it alone for 15 minutes and then wash and dry the silver.

By the time you read this, Mike’s order for the store should have been received – he’s already sold out of it once this holiday season. “People want their homes to look good – the holidays are a family occasion that call for the real silver. This is how it’s done,” he says.

Notwithstanding tarnish, Mike says a rule of thumb is the purer the silver, the easier it is to clean (amalgams – mixes of more than one metal – trap dirt on their surfaces). If you’re looking for a really quick fix – something you apply around Thanksgiving and it looks like you never touched it by Christmas – then Mike says Tarn-X is for you.

“We’ve got it and we sell it,” Mike says of Tarn-X. “But unless you enjoy doing things over and over, I wouldn’t recommend it. Tarn-X doesn’t get the tarnish out of the surface of the silver. It just makes it look nice for a couple hours … if that.”

Make your stand
Wood or carpeted, your floors are going to get noticed by holiday visitors. Tracking in salt, which we’ll all be doing any day now, goes a long way toward ruining the holiday effect. “There’s not much you can do to protect against it, unless you’ve had your carpet treated or your wood floors done with polyurethane.

“So for spot fixes, go with Murphy’s Oil Soap for wood or tile. Not only will it get rid of the stain, but it won’t hurt the surface,” Mike says. “The key is to get to it quickly.”

Light Santa’s Way
A Bell Outdoor Outlet is a great way to handle all your outdoor holiday lighting needs, and is useful the rest of the year too.

These outlets are the first of their kind approved for use in rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperatures. The all-weather outdoor power center provides a safe and convenient alternative to those seeking power in outdoor locations.

The outlet features a weatherproof while-in-use cover, which protects electrical connections under ALL weather conditions.

Among the things you can use your outdoor power center for include:
Holiday Lighting Displays
Landscape Lighting
Security Lighting
Ponds and Water Gardens
Deck and Patio Power
Lawn and Garden Power Tools